How do Experts Determine the Right Plunge Pool Costs in Victoria?

plunge pools costs in Victoria

Technically, many potential buyers have varying spending power depending on their careers. In light of this, manufacturers set different plunge pools costs in Victoria to boost their sales. However, you must understand that various  considerations inform the pricing process of each plunge pool.

8 Fundamental Factors that Affect Plunge Pools Costs in Victoria

Below are the essential factors that inform manufacturers’ decisions during pricing.

1. General Design

Professionals design in-ground and above-ground plunge pools but the former is costlier. However, the cost depends on how deep the precast plunge pool is.

2. Size

Small plunge pools costs in Victoria are much lower than  larger pools. Technically, a small plunge pool will cost $10,000, whereas a large one is above $50,000 in most online stores.

3. Brands

Dozens of manufacturers, like Soake and Modpools design good-quality plunge pools for all potential clients. Unsurprisingly, the companies set varying prices for these products. Therefore, a customer needs to identify the most budget-friendly plunge pool.

4. Types

Clients can get concrete or precast plunge pools from any store near them. A concrete plunge pool is the priciest, as it is more durable than a precast pool. However, it requires more maintenance than plunge pools.

5. Inner plunge pool design

Some plunge pools have a more luxurious interior design than others. For example, a multi-step plunge pool may cost more than a single-step one. Pools with multiple stairs are not only lavish but also children-friendly.

plunge pools costs in Victoria

6. Included Features

Companies like Soake may add some features to some plunge tools to make them more appealing. For instance, an automated plunge pool is more expensive as it is more marketable to potential buyers.

7. Optional features

Some plunge pools may have crucial features like a gas heater, pool cover, and specific tiling options. Therefore, such plunge pools are bound to cost more than average precast plunge pools.

8. Material

Companies use different materials, like plastic, metallic, and concrete plunge pools. Plastic pools are more pocket-friendly than concrete pools.

What’s the Average Price of a Good Precast Plunge Pool?

A small plunge pool ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, excluding the delivery charges. Conversely, a large plunge pool will cost $40,000 to $50,000 at most reputable pool stores.

Final Words

Potential buyers need  a budget of $85,000 as plunge pools costs Victoria differ widely. Additionally, they might incur additional charges, like shipment costs. Further, they will need to hire professionals to help with the installation.

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