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swimming pool certificate

Having a swimming pool certificate is mandatory, but it’s a document issued only by a qualified building inspector or pool safety inspector. Whether renting, sharing, selling, or leasing a pool, you must possess a swimming pool certificate. However, the certificate issuer must be licensed by your state’s authority.

How long does a swimming pool certificate last?

A pool safety certificate also referred to as Form 23, is vital when selling, leasing, or when buying a rental property with a pool. When you are sharing a pool, your pool safety certificate will have a validity of up to one year. If it’s a non-shared pool, then the validity of the certificate will go up to two years. The number of times the property is leased or sold; the duration of the pool certification will remain intact.

Following the expiry of your swimming pool certificate, you are not compelled to find a new one, but if you want to lease or rent a property with a pool, you must renew the certificate after its expiry. If the pool safety certificate is issued and the authority has reasons to believe the pool violates the safety standards, the certificate will be canceled and rendered void.

swimming pool certificate

Pool Safety Certificates Services

When a property has recently installed a pool or modified the existing pool, the Pool safety inspector will issue Form 17, a final inspection certificate. Whenever you are selling or leasing a property with a pool, form 17 can serve the purpose of the pool certification.

A certificate of classification will be issued to the owner of a building with a building having a pool or land having a regulated plunge pool. This certificate serves as a pool certificate and lasts for one year for public pools and two years for private pools.

The authenticity of building certificates or certificates of classification depends on whether they were issued under the current swimming pool safety regulations. Once the certificate has been issued, the certifier has a maximum of 5 business days to submit the swimming pool certificate details to the relevant authority to be recorded in the pool safety register.


We issue swimming pool certificates for pools that conforms to the set safety standards. Every certificate has a unique identifying number in the pool safety register. For instance, without fire alarm installation in the appropriate place around your pool, the pool will be considered non-conforming, and the certificate won’t be issued.

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